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Tree Removal in Clover, SC


At Prestige Lane & Tree Service in Clover, SC, we believe in serving our community to the best of our ability, using our unique skill sets to remove and grind stumps. We are efficient in our work, meaning nothing unsightly will be left behind, and safety is always one of our top concerns. This means keeping our employees, as well as your home and family, safe during the entire removal process, triple checking everything we’ve done to ensure we haven’t forgotten anything.

A stump in Clover, SC after tree removal services

If a tree has fallen or been cut down in your yard, chances are the stump still remains. With stump grinding in Clover, SC, we go all the way by cutting off the root system below and digging the stump out for removal. In stump grinding, we cut the stump down as much as possible and use our tools and machines to grind the stump into wood chips or mulch. We can then cover the location of the former stump with soil. Grinding is recommended for very old trees whose root systems are far too deep and large to remove.

Take advantage of your yard space, and don’t let a stump take any part of it from you. Call Prestige Land & Tree Service, the team with the equipment and expertise to remove or grind stumps from any tree. You can count on us to step in even with other companies turn away.

For Stump Grinding Services Give Prestige Land & Tree Service a call today at (803) 627-5804.