Prestige Land & Tree Service


When a tree has just been cut down in your yard, the stump that is left behind can cause a multitude of issues that you can’t take care of alone. This is where Prestige Land & Tree Service in Clover, SC, steps in to serve you, removing the stump through one of two processes. Our team is a group of professionals in the tree service industry with the expertise to successfully complete stump removal projects and perform stump grinding services.


We have the expertise necessary to make sure that no stump is left behind. Our team is thorough in removing every piece, including deep roots, when necessary. You can also trust us for a complete clean-up after the work is done.


Our staff has been working in this industry for a long time; we’ve seen it all. This gives us the experience needed to recognize difficult situations that might require extra attention or a different process than what is typical.


No matter how tough of a stump you’ve got, our equipment can handle it. Whether it is larger than usual or in a hard-to-reach spot, we’ve got you covered.
Stump Grinding


Getting rid of an unattractive stump comes with more benefits than simply the attractiveness of your yard, but curb appeal is a huge perk in itself. Stumps just aren’t attractive, and whether you are selling your home in the future or you just want to be the best on the block, removing the stump is in the best interest of your home’s aesthetic value. Stumps can also create a safety hazard outside of your home, especially if you have children. Some stumps can become hidden by tall grass or weeds and become a tripping hazard. When not removed, the roots below the surface can continue to grow and might cause new trees to grow around the initial stump. Insects are attracted to stumps, often making homes in them, and while it might not pose a large threat at first, those insects could make their way into your home with time.

If you are ready to get rid of a stump left behind on your property, call the experts at Prestige Land & Tree Service. We always look forward to serving you.